Website Maintenance

Your very own Web Designer on Call!

Why hire a full time employee when you can hire Cobalt Images to handle all of your website updates and changes?

We are very proud of our turnaround time for your requests. We guarantee a 24 hour response time but take pride in having most completed sooner than that.

Chances are, if you are trying to update your site yourself or having an employee do it, it wont get done that fast. Remember the old saying about having too many cooks in the kitchen?

Cobalt Images has been around for over fifteen years, since the beginning of time and is not going anywhere. So when your employees come and go, you have the stability and reliability of a constant and reliable company taking care of your website.

Remember, your site is not out of your clients sight. If your website is on the Internet, people are seeing it. Make sure that it represents your company positively!

Maintenance plans are for changes only and do not include new pages.

30 minutes to under an hour per month
If you want a web designer on reserve for small sporadic monthly changes.

1 to 1 1/2 Hours per month
If you anticipate minimal monthly changes

2-3 hours per month
Moderate changes but not weekly

4 hours per month
If you anticipate at least one weekly change

5 - 5 1/2 hours per month
Active changes per month. For the business owner who wants to keep their website fresh on a weekly basis